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As of July 1, 2014, E Cigarette Impressions will no longer be able to support online sales
until it has been legally determined how the new Iowa laws effect such.

No orders will be taken after 3:00 PM June 30, 2014 until this matter is clarified.
The good news is:
Mediapolis, Iowa location is in compliance and open for business.

Featured Kits
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Kit Summaries ~ Click Model Tabs
  • Vamo V5 "Updated"
  • eGo V v2
  • iTaste MVP 2.0
  • iTaste VV 3.0
  • Lava Tube V2
  • Mini eGo VV PT
  • Clearance Kits

Vamo V5 "Updated" Kits & Body Only

Mouse Over Image
Quick Link: Vamo V5 Updated Vamo V5 Body Only ~ Kits Available
Vamo Kit Contents
• 1 x Body including Extension Tube and Removeable Top Ring
• 2 x 3.5 ml Vivi Nova's with Self Adjusting Center Post
• 2 x 18350 Batteries
• 1 x 18350 Dual Battery Charger
• 1 x 10 ml Needle Bottle
• 1 x Gift Box
Component Specifications
Color Availability: Brushed Steel; Black Chrome
Vivi Nova's: 3.5 ml; Transparent
Vamo Body:
Total Length: 140mm
External Diameter: 22mm
Internal Diameter: 18.5mm
LCD Output Power Display: 3.0-15.0 Watts  
LCD Voltage Display: 3.0-6.0 Volts  
Two 18350 Batteries: Easily accomodate single or double battery configuation.
Features & Functions  
Using the eGo Variable Voltage/Wattage APV
The first step is fully charge your batteries. After charging is complete, remove the battery end cap from the Vamo body and place the batteries inside with the positive end in first. Place the battery end cap back on the Vamo device.
Menu Operation
Basic Functions
Press the main button five times within two seconds to enter the main menu.
1. System ON: Press main button five times to turn the device on
2. System OFF: Press main button five times to turn the device off
3. The main button also activates your power to vape.
*The screen will display "Low V" by pressing any button if the battery charge level is low.
1. To display remaining battery power, select the left (-) button for two seconds.
2. To display the current atomizer resistance, select the right (+) button for two seconds.
3. When voltage option is selected, adjust the voltage in 0.1v increments by selecting the + or - buttons respectively (3.0v - 6.0v).
4. When wattage option is selected, adjust the wattage in 0.5w increments by select the + or - buttons respectively (3.0w - 15.0w).
Menu Functions are as follows:
To enter into the options menu, select both + and - buttons for two seconds. The right (+) button accesses the follow functions:
1. Power Voltage Function Use the left (-) button to make your selection:
• Voltage Output
• Power Output (Wattage)
Allow menu to remain on selection of choice, then, after the screen clears, your selection is set.
2. Time ON/OFF Display Function
Displays the split second timer when LCD function is on as you activate your main button:
Use the left (-) button to select the menu choices:
• Display Time OFF
• Display Time ON
Allow the menu to remain on selection of choice, then, after the screen clears, your selection is set.
3. LCD ON/OFF Function
The left (-) button selects
• LCD On
• LCD Off (Saves on Battery Power)
Allow menu to remain on selection of choice, then, after the screen clears, your selection is set.
* RMS and Mean Mode Option
Quick Link: Vamo V5 "Updated"

eGo V v2 Batteries & Simple Kits

The New eGo V ~ Here to Sta
The New eGo V v2
Yes, they have a normal button !
Quick Link: The New eGo V v2
eGo V Simple Kit Contents
• 1 x eGo V 650mah Battery
• 1 x eGo V 900 mah Battery
• 1 x Kanger T2
• 1 x eGo Ring Lanyard
• 1 x Instruction Manual
Battery Specifications    


eGo V v2 650 mah

eGo V v2 900 mah


Diameter 14mm; Length 115mm including threading area; H 105mm without the treading area (hidden with the Connection of the T2)

Diameter 14mm; Length 130mm including threading area; H 120mm without the treading area (hidden with the Connection of the T2)

•Connection Type

Standard eGo / 510

Standard eGo / 510

•ON/Off Safety

5 Clicks

5 Clicks

•Variable Voltage

Yes; 3.0V - 6.0V in 0.1 increments

Yes; 3.0V - 6.0V in 0.1 increments

• Voltage Lock Yes; Press and Hold + and - buttons for five seconds simultaneously Yes; Press and Hold + and - buttons for five seconds simultaneously

•Battery Life Indicator

Battery Bar  

Battery Bar  

•Puff Counter






Quick Links: eGo VKits | Parts | Accessories | eLiquids
Coming Soon! Work in Progress!

Coming Soon! Work in Progress!

Hanoson Lava Tube V2 !

Mouse Over ImageLava Tube V2

2013 Lava Tube 2.0 ~ Beautiful!
Availability: Out of Stock

Quick Link: Lava Tube & Parts
Lava Tube Kit Contents
• 1 x Gift Box with Magnetic Strip
• 1 x V V Body
• 1 x Vented Battery Cap
• 2 x CE4+ Clearomizers ~ Transparent
• 2 x 10ml Needle Bottles
• 2 x 18650 Battery
• 1 x Charger
• 1 x Instruction Manual
Component Specifications
Colors Available: Black Chrome Finish (See Image)
CE4 + Clearomizers: Simple to use.  
Lava Tube Size: Length 133mm; Diameter 22mm
Lava Tube Features: A quality build with a sleek aluminum body, key features of this innovative design include a smart LCD screen to easily view your current voltage setting. You have total control over battery voltage with simple function + and - buttons, providing you with the ability to dial in to your preferred sweet spot in 0.1 increments ranging from 3 to 6 volts with continuance through to the next voltage level i.e. scroll through from 6.0 Volts to 3.0 Volts and 3.0 Volts to 6.0 Volts. Located below the + and - buttons, features a five click power button to easily turn your unit on or off, while providing peace of mind that your unit will not accidently fire during non-use. When power is on, one click of the power button will provide visual indication of the attached atomization resistance. Directly following the resistance is the battery voltage indicator with a power bar indicative of remaining battery power. A comfortable, yet firm, dome shaped activation button is located on the side of this unit for easy use. After engaging for 10 seconds the unit will automatically shut off until you disengage the activation button. Just reengage the activation button to continue vaping.
Battery: Length 65mm; Diameter 18mm; Capacity 2200 mAh
Charging time is 3-4 hours. When this battery has reached full charge, it can provide your with a full day or more of vaping pleasure.
I have been waiting a long time to provide you a worthy yet affordable Variable Voltage (VV) product - It has finally arrived, and I am happy to let you know this Lava Tube VV 2.0 has exceeded my expectations.
Quick Link: Lava Tube & Parts

Mini eGo VV Pass-Through

Mini eGo VV PT
Quick Link: Mini eGo VV PT
1 x eGo VV PT
Component Specifications:
Length: Tumb Sized!
Power Cord Length: 3ft.
Colors Available: Black
Compatible with eGo/510 threads,Genesis,
CE4, CE5, Vivi Nova clearomizers
Variable Voltage with LED multi light Indicators
• Blue ~ 3.0 Volts
• Pink ~ 3.6 Volts
• Red ~ 4.2 Volts
• Green ~ 4.8 Volts Availability: In Stock
Quick Link: Mini eGo VV PT

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