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Kanger Protanks & Coils
Genuine Kanger


Protank Sets with Faux Leather Case
See Mini Protank Page for Kanger Mini Protank II V2 Sets!

Brand: Kangertech
Material: Pyrex Glass
Connection: 510/eGo
Stock Resistance: 2.5 Ω ohms
Capacity: 2.5 - 3.0ml
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
"A new breed of clearomizer
Out of Stock
made of Pyrex glass and not plastic."
Out of Stock
Bottom Coil Changeable (BCC) Glassomizer
Out of Stock
Protank Replacement Coils «
1.8 Ω ohm
2.2 Ω ohm
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2.5 Ω ohm
Out of Stock
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Brand: Kangertech
Colors: Clear, Grey, Black, Blue, Purple, Brown
Length: 60mm; Diameter: 10.6mm
Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz.)
Replaceable Coil Heads: Resistance: 2.4 ohm (may be used with Kanger eVod or vice versa) * See Protank Coil Heads below
Bottom Coil for better performance from your eLiquids.
Pyrex Glass Tank for protection from harsh liquids (will break if dropped, so please use with care and store properly)
Capacity: 2.5ml is recommended; however, may hold up to 3.0ml
510 Connection - Can be used with eGo batteries
Suitable Voltage to different Resistance:
Resistance to Voltage relationship applies to all bottom coil heating clearomizer.
1.7-1.9 Ω ~ 3.1-3.4 V
2.1-2.3 Ω ~ 3.5-3.8 V
2.4-2.6 Ω ~ 3.9-4.2 V
2.6-3.0 Ω ~ 4.3-4.7 V

Protank Coil Heads
*These coil heads have resistance markings and are packaged in packs of five. Should you order less then five, they will be separated according to order; however, still individually packaged.
*These coil heads look identical to T3S, and MT3S atomizer heads; however, even though they fit, it is not known at this time whether they will leak with these or not when used interchangeably. I will update this information as soon as I have knowledge.
1 x Faux Leather Case  
1 x Protank Clearomizer body  
1 x Protank Base  
2 x Protank Coil Heads  
1 x Protank to EGO Vanity Cover (Plinth)  
1 x Instruction Manual  
Page Updated: 03/21/2014
Star Ratings have been removed - See Annoucements
Let me know if you would like to see the Protank I back in stock...
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In the unlikely event that your Kanger Protank arrives without function, please contact me immediately. ~ Johna
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