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Material: Copper with Plated Finish
Kits: (Also see Info and Description tabs below)
White Chrome
Out of Stock
1 Left
Extra Batteries
» 900 mah
ICR 18650
» 2200 mah
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TECS ~ A Brilliant Design on so many Levels!
OLED Display
Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage
Torch, Glint, SOS Function
Battery Power Indicator
Resistance Indicator
Puff Counter
RMS Mode

The TECS PV is an incredible vape machine with all the trimmings: The straightforward OLED menu offers a five click on/off feature; variable voltage/variable wattage option; battery power indicator; puff counter; resistance reading; LCD on/off option to conserve battery power, and a flashlight, referred to as "torch", to provide up to 30 minutes of solid light. The flashlight feature operates by using the on/off functionality from the main button. When in glint mode the light function provides continuous flash or, a pre-programmed SOS flash signal to assist with rescue situations. It is great for vehicular emergencies, camping, or around the house as a backup flashlight.

The puff counter feature adds precision to your vaping experience. It is viewable in the same screen with featuring all settings most important to you: the battery power indicator, current voltage or wattage setting, and RMS mode. The counter automatically resets itself to zero when you change atomization devices or power supply (batteries). It is an interesting way to track your vaping habits such as how many puffs does it take before the battery/batteries actually drain, and gage how ofter you actually vape.

Another unique part of this design is the square connection/screen area at the top of the body. With this clever design, you will maintain the same comfortable grip around the body that you have been accustomed to; however, the square area provides stability that allows you to set this mod horizontally on a flat surface without it rolling off to unknown destinations. Also worthy of consideration is access to the drip well area for easy maintenance and care. Sweet!

TECS Kit Components
TECS Diagram
Total Kit Weight Antique: 584g (20.7 oz)
Total Kit Weight White Chrome: 591g (20.8 oz)
• 1 x Gift Box
•; 2 x TEC Battery Tube
• 2 x 2.8ml Vivi Nova Tanks
   w/Spring Action Posts ~ Translucent
• 1 x SOS Glint & Torch Head
• 2 x 18350 Batteries
• 1 x Dual Slot 18350 Charger
• 1 x 10ml Needle Bottle
• 1 x Instruction Manual
Specifications for TECS Body Only
Color Availability: White Chrome and Antique
Length: 133mm (5.24 inches)
Diameter: Unknown
Weight: 28.35g (8 oz.) with two 18350 batteries
Capacity: 900 mAh or 2200 mah
VV (Variable Voltage): 3.0v - 6.0v in 0.1 increments
VW (Variable Wattage): 3.0w -156.0w in 0.5 increments
OLED Sceen
Output Power Display 3.0-15.0 Watts
Voltage Display 3.0-6.0 Volts
Basic Instruction
Step 1: Charge your batteries with your charger.
Step 2: Remove the battery end cap, then insert your batteries with the positive end in first. After inserting the batteries to your preferred configuration, reattach the end cap.
Step 3: To turn your TECS device on or off, select the exclusive square main button and click five times within 3 seconds to display the System: On / System: OFF on your OLED screen.
Step 4: Fill your Vivi Nova Tank or preferred atomization device with your favorite eLiquids and dry hit it a few time to allow the eliquid to wick (See Vivi Nova page under "Use Tips" tab for exact detail). Attach it to the atomizer connection on your TECS battery body.
Step 5: Engage the Main Button as you vape to enjoy your new TECS vaping experience!! :-)
*Note: Please select from the Description tab to view Menu Funtions
*Note: Additional information may be read on the TECS tab on the Home page.
TECS Kit Contents
TECS: System On/OFF
TECS Functions Indicators
• 2 x 18350 Batteries
• 1 x TEC Body
• 1 x Gift Box
• 2 x 2.8ml Vivi Nova Tanks
   w/Spring Action Posts ~ Translucent
• 1 x SOS Glint & Torch Head
• 2 x 18350 Batteries
• 1 x Dual Slot 18350 Charger
• 1 x 10ml Needle Bottle
• 1 x Instruction Manual
• Instructions
TECS Instructions ~ p.1 TECS Intruction ~ p.2 TECS Insturctions ~ p.3
TECS Instructions ~ p.5 TECS Instructions ~ p. 4  
Page Updated: 02/18/2014
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