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**Includes FREE Priority Shipping for Kits**
The Latest Vamo Version 5 OLED with RMS or Mean Output Choice
Kits now includes 2 x Large Capacity 3.5 Vivi Nova Tanks!
Your Excellent Vape Choice!

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eGo Vamo VV VW APV V5

Pre-Order Kits arriving at the end of week 17 March
View V5 Info tab below for everything included with your kits and information.
Body Only «    
Brushed Steel
Kits «
Black Chrome
Brushed Steel
Extra Batteries «
ICR 18350's
Extra Vamo V5/V3 Top Rings «
Black Chrome
Brushed Steel
Extra Quality Coil Heads for your 3.5 ml Vivi Nova's
Long Wicks «
Singles «
Coil Heads for 3.5 Vivi Nova's  
1.8 ohms
2.4 ohms
2.8 ohms
Five Packs «
1.8 ohms
2.4 ohms
2.8 ohms
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Just what is so nice about the removeable top ring? Two major points that make this a winning design is the fact you can remove it to allow eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizers and similar atomizations to connect without fighting to remove it from it's base for filling purposes. It also offers easy access to the connection area for a regular wipe off. You can also use an extention tube to protect the mini versions of the Viivi Nova and Protank. A quality build that is hard to surpass for performance, dependability, and overall ease of use.

Kit Contents:
1 x Vamo Body including extension tube and removeable top ring
2 x 3.5ml Vivi Nova with Metal Tip and Auto Adjust Center Post
2 x 18350 Batteries
1 x 18350 (18650) Single Bay Charger
1 x 10ml Needle Bottle
1 x Gift box

Using the eGo Variable Voltage/Wattage APV
The first step is to fully charge your batteries. After charging is complete, remove the battery end cap from the Vamo body and place the batteries inside with the positive end in first. Place the battery end cap back on the Vamo device.

Menu Operation are as follows:
Basic Functions
Press the main button five times within two seconds to enter the main menu.
1. System: ON - Press main button five times to turn the device on
2. System: OFF - Press main button five times to turn the device off
3. The main button also activates your power to vape.
*The screen will display "Low V" by pressing any button if the battery charge level is low.
1. To display remaining battery power, select the left (-) button for two seconds.
2. To display the current atomizer resistance, select the right (+) button for two seconds.
3. To adjust the voltage in 0.1v increments, select the + or - buttons respectively (3.0v - 6.0v).
4. To adjust the wattage in 0.5w increments, select the + or - buttons respectively (3.0w - 15.0w).

Menu Functions are as follows:
To enter into the options menu, select both + and - buttons for two seconds.
The right (+) button accesses the follow functions:

1. Power Voltage Function
Use the left (-) button to make your selection:
• Voltage Output
• Power Output (Wattage) Allow menu to remain on selection of choice, then, after the screen clears, your selection is set.

2. LCD Display Function
Displays one the following features when the LCD function is on as you activate your main button:
Use the left (-) button to scroll the menu choices:
• Display Power (Voltage or Wattage)
• Display Remaining Battery Power
• Display Resistance Allow menu to remain on selection of choice, then, after the screen clears, your selection is set.

3. LCD On/OFF Function
The left (-) button selects
• LCD On
• LCD Off (Saves on Battery Power)
Allow menu to remain on selection of choice, then, after the screen clears, your selection is set.

4. RMS and Mean Output Mode Function (Thank you PB for that clarification! ECI Checked)
To set the RMS or Mean mode, select and hold the left button for 10-15 seconds. If want to change the mode, you will need to press and hold another 10-15 seconds. The set mode text is the most recent mode you set.

Instructions for using your Vivi Nova Tanks will accompany your Vamo Kit.

Page Updated: 03/03/2014
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Looking forward to hearing from you!
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