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We were introduced to the electronic cigarette in 2010. This is six to seven years after its release to some European and Eastern cultures. The gap of time between release to the United States and discovery of this amazing product concerned me that many smokers do not realize they have an alternative that will assist them with significant elimination of the amount of toxins they are inhaling with every cigarette. Hence, the purpose for building  E Cigarette Impressions...

Mission Statement

Developing an honest and trustworthy relationship between you and the company is the apex of our existence. E Cigarette Impressions strives to meet your electronic cigarette needs by providing steller customer service, excellant products, and supplies. "We" are currentIy a one person operation with a purpose to extend opportunity and employment for others in this great nation.  

Twenty Eight Year Habit Finally Laid to Rest

I am writing my story to encourage smokers to quit, and discourage those who don't, never to try. Abstinence from cigarette smoking has been a difficult feat for me. I hope for your health's sake, that your journey towards harm reduction is much easeir.

Before I began to seriously research the issues surrounding cigarettes, I am embarrassed to confess that I actually ignored those warnings on cigarette packages as if they were meaningless! I knew cigarettes are "not good" for anybody, but what I did not know was the extent of how deadly they are. The content within a single cigarette finally became completely clear all in one day. I now hold the belief that cigarette composition should be listed under a heading of "Contains Carcinogens"on the packaging of every pack of cigarettes and "Smoking is Deadly" should be the required warning label. 

Before Getting Serious

My attitude towards quitting used to fall just short of "whatever it took" so began my uphill battle. At times I felt just mad at myself for even starting. My story is written in the perspective from one who used to smoke a cigarette approximately once every 15 minutes (except when sleeping), like clockwork, for a very long long time. Analyzing myself, I would say I was complusive when it came to smoking. They were like a best friend; always there to calm and soothe. I had a serious problem.

The decision to develop a strategy to quit is the first important step. Following the strategy is the key, and continuing to follow this strategy has worked for me. If I ever I find myself in a weak moment, I read this and realize how far I've come in this fight to survive. This is how I did it:

Retraining My Brain

The first goal in this guidline is designed to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed. Considering consumption of 30 - 40 smokes a day, this goal isn't too difficult to meet. To challenge the goal, I decided to allow myself to smoke only in one particular room of the house. Whatever I was doing, no matter how important or minuscule, this challenge disrrupted the task.

This proved a successful challege, quickly reducing the number of smokes I consumed to about 10 - 15 a day (by the way, this was before the serious research). During this weaning process, I replaced the cigarettes I would normally smoke, with the electronic cigarette.

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