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My Physical Experience

Print copies of the the Enlightening Link: Healing Lungs page article. Post it next to the computer, on the refrigerator, somewhere next to your bed at night, and any other place as a reminder to youself of the benefits you and those you love will receive. 

In my experience, after only a few hours, the crap from smoking started loosening in my lungs. It is annoying and disgusting, but in my experience, it does go away. If this happens to you, get rid of it. Do not swallow it. Remember this is part of the healing process and your efforts will be rewarded.

After all the years of my smoking habit, my lungs hurt. I noticed a significant lessening of the discomfort.

Breathing is still more difficult than a non-smoker, but I can tell a difference. For example, when I go upstairs, my heart is no longer racing when I reach the top and I am in better control of the breathing.

Appetite seemed to escalate, but I think this was because I felt I lost something (cigarettes) and for some reason felt compelled to replace the void. After a few days, those hunger pangs went away. Food seems to smell better and is more enjoyable to taste.

Increase in thirst was significantly noticeable, so I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Listen to your body. I feel the body is telling me something, so I drink a lot more water throughout the day. Water is good for you anyway, so drink plenty of it.

In Summary

If you can't seem to quit cold turkey, try these ideas:

Until those smoking urges become non exisitant, designate your smoking rules and follow through. As long as you are sincere in your decision, at the very least, you will be smoking less than what you did before . Any progress is better than none.

Force yourself to only smoke regular cigarettes in one specified location, but away from your regular smoking environment. Make it an inconvenience. The logging of smoking habits, for me, proved a critical step in my processes. Allowing my guilt of smoking to develop also proved important. My mind nagged me since the day I choose to smoke... so the guilt of smoking was already present within me.... face it... smoking is simply not logical unless you are giving yourself a death sentence. Also, remember those around you are directly effected by your smoke. Become more aware of how you may effect others.

Retrain your brain to despise everything about smoking. Even if you don't believe it, keep telling yourself you despise it.... eventually your psyche will believe it and your will-power will become stonger.

Prayer is a personal decision. As truly humbling as it is, prayer seems to be comforting somehow. I used to believe God accepted me just as I am... eventually, it was time to make some changes. Even though, the Almighty may meet me where I am, it stands to reason, He would expect me to put forth some effort on my part. I thank Him for success present and future; for His encouragement in meeting my goal for a completely smoke-free body. I thank Him for the progress as I reach for this goal.

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