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Availability: Online & Store Location
Fine Hardware
Uses include: Optional Atomizer to Battery Compatiblites; Saving Original Threading; Extending Battery Length
Battery to Atomization Adapters

Connection Adapters

eGo to eGo 510
• Stainless Threading
510 to 510
• Brass Threading
510 to eGo
• Brass Threading
eGo Exotica to eGo
• Brass Threading
Leo to 510
• Brass Threading
Leo to eGo
• Brass Threading
  *Price reflects single piece.  
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Page Update: 03/22/2015 
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• eGo to eGo 510 :
The eGo to eGo 510 is an excellent way to extend the life of standard eGo style battery threading. It adds additional airflow to the Lava Tube and created very little gap on either of the Vamo or Lava Tube type pv's. In other words, they will still look very good and stable. I am very pleased with performance. Ofter, when a device is well worn, it needs a little help to reach connectivity when the new adapter is attached.. For example, when testing with Vamo's and Lava Tubes, I found I needed to adjust the connection points to estabolish connectivity. You can begin to make adjustments by pulling the atomizers center post out about 1/16 of on inch with a pair of needle nose pliars first, then test. If there is still no connectivity, then gently lift the center post on the battery with a small jewelers type of flat tip screwdriver. Test for connectivity again. One of these fixes should do the trick. If you need assist, just let me know. I will walk you through the process, step by step, until we have attained fire power.

• 510 to 510 :
510 to 510 Adapters will extend the life of your original threads as well as add lengh to your battery.

• 510 to eGo :
510 to eGo will connect your 510 battery threading to your to standard eGo atomizing devices.

• eGo Exotica to eGo :
Designed to accomodate the deep seated battery post of the eGo Exotica (aka eGo B). This allows the connection from your eGo Exotica battery to a CE4 or other standard eGo atomization; however, there is a small gap where the threads of the battery show. I haven't found a sleeve that will fill this gap, but if I do, I will let you know.

• Leo to 510 :
Leo to 510 Adapters deliver a powerful performance connecting Leo batteries with standard popular 510 atomizations including 510 cartomizers; 510 atomizers, clearomizers, tank systems, vivi nova's, ect. The most recent is the Vivi Nova, either 2.8 or 2.0. The 2.0 Mini Vivi Nova and similar atomizer types.

• Leo to eGo :
Leo to eGo Adapters deliver an outstanding performance to the latest eGo atomization. It can be a little finicky with certain CE4's, but works well with all the 510 atomizations and with a eGo Thread Covers/Sleeves to hide the threads for a streamlined look.

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