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Hi everyone!
The site has been unavailable for online checkout due to Iowa online vape ban which began July 1, 2014.
The great news is that the ban has been lifted as of July 1, 2017; however,
the online shop will not be available until updates have been applied.
The Mediapolis shop has been and will remain open.
You are welcome to contact us with any questions.

Statement by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on
Electronic Cigarette Key Facts

"The harm of the combustible cigarette is dramatically greater than the harm of the e-cigarette"

Link to Statement: PDF Document


Save the Vaping Industry! Support HB 2058! HOW CAN YOU HELP?
The FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2015 (HR 2058), introduced by Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma,
would save the U.S. vapor industry from being destroyed by improper regulations by the FDA. This bill would
amend the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act to change the grandfather date for “deemed tobacco products.”
This change would allow for all vapor products currently on the market to remain on the market without being subject to the burdensome (read: prohibitive) pre-market FDA approval application process.
We are asking YOU toexpress strong support for HR 2058 and urge your representatives to cosponsor this bill.
• Support HR 2058 - Send an Email
Please share this link on social media:

As of July 1, 2014
Iowa Law

Much to my dismay, the state of Iowa will no longer allow online electronic cigarette kit nor eLiquids sales; however, some accessories and parts are allowable. Iowa appears to prefer people to smoke rather than support an alternative with obvious personal and societal benefits. Not only is this the opposite of everything I understood from forums and such before the effective date of the new law, but according to my attorney, the tone of his voice seemed to reveal Iowa law is falling right in line with the control over electronic cigarettes such as the FDA is poised to implement. The age restriction (ECI agrees with and self-regulated before becoming Iowa law) is only the beginning for Iowa. We were foolish to believe that electronic cigarettes would be given a category of their own; HR 2109 instead simply provided a strict definition for electronic cigarettes so to lump them altogether under the same Cigarettes and Tobacco restrictions. The letter from my attorney will be posted upon arrival. Don't allow the FDA to destroy the freedom we hold so dear.
Attorney Statement: PDF Document
E Cigarette Impressions Permit: PDF Document
Iowa Signed Enrollment Bill: PDF Link
The good news is:
Mediapolis, Iowa location is in compliance and open for business.
Location: 101 Middle Street; Mediapolis, Iowa 52637
Phone: 319.394-9895
For questions about offline sales, please contact us.


The best part of this endeaver has been meeting friends I would have never otherwise met. Seeing people successfully quit analogs has brought such a joy to my life. You have amazed me with loyalty and appreciation and have hung in there with me thoughout the site alterations as I try to bring positive changes to benefit all... a very gracious thank you!

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Some changes have been made to registration and login to accomodate further PCI compliance. This change includes, email verification with your initial registration. After completing registration you will receive two emails. One will give you a warm welcome to E Cigarette Impressions; the second will provide an email verification link. Open the "Please varify your email" and click the link. This link will allow you to access your account.

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Should you need assistance, please give me a call (319)394-9895 and I will help you though any issues.

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The comments and ratings systems are going through some changes. I am trying to find a free system that will pass ssl upon login to the SSL part of the site. Recommendations are welcome as I am having a hecking of a time trying to find something that is cost effective or better yet free. It will be implimented one page at a time, so please be patience with me in this endeavour.

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