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eGo Exotica 900

Availability: Store Location
Green Sound

Exotica 900

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Special $39.99 Now $30.00 !
Black & Gold Trim 
Chrome & Gold Trim
Out of Stock
Brushed Steel & Chrome Trim

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Page Update: 01/09/2015 
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Previous Comments
B. Dixon -  "I recently had the chance to try this product and on a scale of 1 to 10 I give this a 10. I usually vape with the leo and a clearo cartomizer. I like the exotica as well it delivers a smooth hit and is light in weight compared to the leo. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have a safety switch to allow you to turn it off. However the battery always lasted me approximately 8 hours or more depending on how much I vaped with it. I would recommend this product for someone who is just starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle by quitting smoking."
Component Specifications
Length:  156 mm including tank cartridge.
Diameter: 14 mm
Colors: Black & Gold; Chrome & Gold; Brushed Steel & Chrome
Cartridge: These tank cartridges will hold approximately 1 ml of e liquid and arrive empty. Please remember eliquid.
Battery: Lithium Ion 4.2 - 3.7 working voltage; 900 mAh; over 300 recharges; 2-3 hour recharge time. When charging, the battery light with flash indicating a proper connection to the power source. The charger indicater light will be solid red during the charging process. Towards the end of the charging cycle, the light will begin to flash between red and green; finally to a solid green when fully charged.
* Please note these batteries have no 5 click cut off; however, they have a 15 second use cut off.
eGo Exotica 900 Kit Contents
*Also known as the eGo B
» 1 x Gift Box
» 2 x Tank Atomizers
» 5 x Tank Cartridges (Empty)
» 2 x Small eGo Thread Cover Cones
» 2 x 900 mAh Batteries
» 1 x USB Power Cord with AC Adapter
» 1 x Instruction Manual

Exotica batteries are elegant, sexy, and powerful. They offer a 15 second auto cutoff for those who enjoy longer draws from their device. Durable plating is perfect, standing the test of time. They are a unique type of battery that uses a post seated a bit deeper than standardized batteries hence, it it important to use the specified battery charger.

Exotica Charger & Wall Adapter
Pinths Do Not Fit Properly

Plinths, also known as Beauty Rings, are unfortunately too wide to allow connection with standard eGo atomization devices.There are Exotica to eGo adapters designed to allow a proper connection with standard eGo atomizations; however, this will not correct the issue of plinth length. This also means the thread length of the exotica are also too short for standard eGo atomization threads unless used with an Exotica to eGo Adapter.

The exotica will connect with most standard 510 atomization connections but, more often then not, will require a post adjustment.

*Please note to wipe your batteries off if you have spilled eliquid on them, otherwise the rubberized finish will deteriorate.
Do not store these batteries with eliquid left on the battery body.

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