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The Fabulous eGo VV v2

Availability: Store Location
The Quality You've Been Looking For in the eGo VV Model Type!
eGo V v2  
The New eGo V !

eGo V v2 Simple Kits !

  Kits & Battery Features: See Tabs Below  
» 900 mah
Out of Stock
Stainless Steel
Out of Stock
» 650 mah
2 Left
Stainless Steel
Out of Stock

eGo V v2 Battery Only w/4 Foot Charging Cord

  » 900 mah    
Out of Stock
Stainless Steel
Out of Stock
» 650 mah
2 Left
Stainless Steel
Out of Stock
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  • Battery Description
  • Instruction
Page Updated: 12/02/2014
eGo VV v2
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  • eGo V Simple Kit Top to Bottom
    This wonderful kit will make you very happy. I've been using it since Monday the 4th of November and couldn't be more pleased on all levels of performance. This quality built is sturdy, yet elegant, finish doesn't disappear, nor does it suddenly fall apart. Impressive, impressive, impressive! If you are the type of person who prefers vaping with discretion without loss of power, this is definitely the quality eCig kit you will find to be everything you'd ever hoped for. The fine eGo V Battery coupled with the Kanger T2 is a smooth yet powerful force that puts cumbersome mods in their place. Don't get me wrong . I have a wonderful relationship with my Vamo, but the sleek, sexy look of the eGo V beats it hands down based solely on asthetics. As for performance comparison, I challenge you to decide for yourself. The following paragraphs describe the eGo V Simple Kit from top to bottom so you can make a more informed purchasing decision:
  • The New eGo V Simple KitsKanger T2 Top Coil Tank Clearomizer • Default Color: Clear • All Colors Available
    Reliable, dependable, and clean, the Kanger T2 is a very impressive product that keeps all other clearomizers at bay, at least for this vaping lady. Ease of use gets a huge thumbs up as the simplicity of filling remains at the top mouthpiece compared to its newer bottom coil siblings. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece and fill with eliquid down the inside wall of the tank area. You can fill this one to the highest calibration line without leaking ! You can vape while you're laying down, no leaking! Personally, I have not experienced any burnt taste issues unless I'm running the voltage too high. In this case, turning down the voltage solves the issue. Amazing!
    Maintenance is minimal. Remove the coil head, swish the tank with water, allow it to dry, and replace the coil head. Fill it again, attach it to your battery and you're good to go. That's it!
    If you decide to select a kit option, the Kanger T2's are currently in stock in all colors including clear, black, yellow, red, green, purple, and blue. Please include your desired color in the comments section viewable after registration and log in, on the cart page. You can view the new page at this link: Kanger T2's. If you have questions, please email me:
  • eGo Ring Lanyard • Default Color is BlackCurrent Availability: Black, Royal Blue, or Pink
    You may already be familiar with these; however, these are new to E Cigarette Impressions. They offer an easy way to carry you ecig. It uses a metal ring that fits snuggly to the button and around the battery body of standard eGo style batteries such as the eGo V. I also find it useful in that it prevents your ecig from rolling away if not around your neck. It looks nice and yet still can be hidden underneath clothing for stealth vaping moments.
  • eGo V Battery
    Almost like magic these batteries dial in to your favorite sweet spot ! This powerful performance will make you fall in love with vaping all over again. Top quality build, ease of use, versatility, convenince, practicality, all rolled into one genious battery. Time will tell you that is a battery here to stay. Please view Battery description tab for specifcations and features.
    * Please Note these batteries will not charge from the Connection Area.
  • Close Up on eGo V Button
    Nice, Solid, Clicky Buttons!



    eGo V v2 650 mah

    eGo V v2 900 mah

    • Dimensions

    Diameter 14mm; Length 115mm (4.56" inches) including threading area

    Diameter 14mm; Length 130mm (5.11" inches) including threading area

    • Connection Type

    Standard eGo / 510

    Standard eGo / 510

    • ON/Off Safety

    5 Clicks

    5 Clicks

    • Variable Voltage

    Yes; 3.0V - 6.0V in 0.1 increments

    Yes; 3.0V - 6.0V in 0.1 increments

    • Voltage Lock Yes; Press and Hold + and - buttons for five seconds simultaneously Yes; Press and Hold + and - buttons for five seconds simultaneously

    • Battery Life Indicator

    Battery Bar  

    Battery Bar  

    • Puff Counter



    • USB Charging Cord Yes; Four Feet Long Yes; Four Feet Long

    • Pass-Through Capable



    Battery Only Contents
    1 x eGo Battery
    1 x USB Charging Cord
    1 x Gift Box
    Before First Use

    Charging the Battery
    The first step is fully charge your batteries.
    Your battery is shipped with a partial charge; do not use it until they are fully charged. This will require 30-60 minutes or so.

    When you plug the charger into a power source, the light on the charging end of your battery will light up blue throughout the charging process. When charging is complete, the blue light will go out. The duration for full charge is usually 2-3 hours; however, the eGo V is pass-through capable, meaning you can vape and charge simultaneously.

    When charge has been depleted, attach your battery to the usb charging cord and power source; recharge until the blue light goes out. Lifecycle is approximately 300 times.
    • LCD Screen: The LCD screen is located towards the charging port end. This will provide you with the ability to view current voltage setting; current battery capacity; and puff count.
    • Power Indicator: The battery bar is on the area of the LCD screen next to the + and - buttons. As your battery is charging the battery bar power lines will appear as it is charging. Throughout use, the power bar lines will reduce indicating the amount of power remaining and you will easily see when it is time to recharge.
    •Variable Voltage: Voltage Setting can adjust in 0.1 increments by selecting the "+" or "-" buttons respectively.
    •Voltage Lock: To activate the voltage lock feature, select the "+" and "-" simultaneously for five seconds to lock in your favored voltage setting. Likewise, reselect the "+" and "-" simultaneously for five seconds to deactivate the voltage lock feature.
     Puff Counter: This was a surprise feature. Each time you press the activation button, the LCD screen lights up to display the current number of times pressed. Upon button release, the counter updates to reflect use. Benefits of this feature can include timing for breaks those of you who take breaks at work and previously grown accustomed to the timing of an analog. Now you can vape 15 puffs to gage the time with relative accuracy. ¬†Additionally, you can find out exactly how many puffs it takes to deplete your battery charge. A recent discovery is the ability to view the number of puffs without adding an actual puff to the counter. This is attained by a one second quick push and release of the activation button. Nice!
    Pass-Through: The beloved ability to charge and vape simultaneously providing peace of mind to always be able to use your e-cigarette even with the power depleted. This is especially nice for driving (you will need usb capability in your vehicle) or while you are sitting at your computer.
    *Note: To activate the battery for use, you must push the button at the same time as you are drawing.

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