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eCig Maintenance & SomeTips
Glad you arrived at this page!
It is very important to maintain functional and healthy working products.

Like any other piece of equipment, electronic cigarette’s sometimes need the tender loving care of periodic maintenance. As you discover the subtle differences of vaping an electronic cigarette, you may find it easier to adjust if you are somewhat prepared for these differences beforehand. These processes are quite simple:


  • Paper towels and/or tissues
  • Q-Tips (optional, but convenient)
  • Tweezers

Tip / Mouthpiece: Occasionally e-liquid may leak into the mouthpiece, reducing vapor production. If or when this occurs, remove the cartridge from the mouthpiece. Take a tissue and roll it between your fingers, making a small enough twist to fit inside the mouthpiece to absorb the excess liquid. Dispose of the tissue properly. After accomplishing this task, place the cartridge back into the mouthpiece. Reattach to the battery. Now you are good to go.

Cartridges:  When refilling your cartridge with e-liquid, optimal fill level is approximate. Fill to just below the rim, so the filler material looks slushy. If overfilling occurs, it may cause the atomizer to flood, preventing optimal atomizer performance. You can remove some of the excess e-liquid by gently blowing through the threaded end of the atomizer while holding a paper towel or tissue over the open end to catch the excess. You will be able to hear the gurgling sound as the e-liquid exits; also, notice the e-liquid on the absorbent material. Additionally, an occasional blow through the atomizer helps clear gunk build up, allowing better airflow for optimal performance. This process is frequently referred to as "topping off".

Factory batting eventually degrades, becoming nonabsorbent and crusty. If you decide to refill your own cartridges, its then necessary to opt for batting replacement. There are several types of batting material that you can examine to suite your needs. For example, poly-fill; cotton; and fluval aquarium filter sponge have been expressed as a replacement option to factory batting.

Because nicotine easily absorbs into the skin, it is important to avoid contact. Tweezers are a useful tool for pulling out e liquid saturated cartridge batting or to pinch and push the batting into position for optimal distribution for flow of e liquid. If your skin happens to come in contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Atomizers: As you use your e-cig, you will notice inevitable residual buildup accumulating on the connection threads of the atomizer and battery. Because the buildup prevents proper electricity flow, it is important to clear the build up from these threads by wiping them thoroughly with a paper towel or tissue. Cotton swabs are useful for wiping the inside wall of the atomizer cylinder.

Additionally, tweezers are handy for deep cleaning your atomizers. For periodic deep cleaning or when the atomizer is towards the end of its life span, you can run hot tap water through the open end of the atomizer by holding the atomizer with tweezers. Allow the atomizer to dry over night, or as long as necessary for it to dry. If your atomizer was close to non-function, this process may extend its life for a while. This is a good procedure if you are changing flavors, or removing gunk buildup.

Remember atomizers are considered disposable. Longevity may be a few days, relative to use.

Clearomizers and some CE's:  Those without the ability to be disassembled and those structurally similar can be cleaned. The follow two paragraphs provide the general steps to achieve this. Understand you will be using these techniques at your own risk and E Cigarette Impressions does not guarantee your desired result. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

First, remove the tip and rinse it to your satisfaction, then dry it with a towel of some kind and set it aside. Next, drain the tank from any excess eliquid into a separate container or syringe for later use if you choose. The following step requires filling the tank about half full of water (preferably distilled, but not necessary). After filling the tank about half way, cover both ends of the unit by holding the tank between your finger and thumb or whatever digits your feel comfortable with. Begin shaking the tank vigorously. The will help loosen and eliminate the remaining eLiquid clinging inside the tank. Repeat this process until the water returns clear to your satisfaction. Shake as much of the water out of the tank as you can and dry it with your towel. The final part of the cleaning process is covered in the next paragraph.

Drying the coil is the challenge of this process. Some people allow is to dry (may take several hours), while others use what is termed, the dry burn method. The dry burn method makes me a bit nervous, but I will do the best I can to guide you through this process here. The dry burn method is meant to eliminate eLiquid residue and debris from the coil wire. To execute this method, you will first attach the CE to your compatible battery. Then activate the battery to power the CE for 5 seconds. Repeat the process until no more vaper is being released from the CE. The heating coil naturally burns the remaining residue, so in theory, you should have a tank that is ready for a change in eLiquid flavor, or ready to store away for later use.

CE4 v3's: CE types with the ability of disassembly, an in-depth overview can be found in the CE section of the eCig Mechanics pages.

Tips for Atomization Devises that appear to not be working or DOA:  This trick requires a serrated steak knife and some tissue for absorbing loose eLiquid. If you have a seemingly DOA atomization devise (atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, some CE types, etc.), it may not be truly DOA. Sometimes it only needs a slight center post adjustment to get it going. To make this center post adjustment, carefully place the tip of the serrated steak knife in-between the center post and the metal wall that is closely surrounding it. Next, gently pry the center post out just enough to ensure contact to your battery when it is attached. It may take only a 32nd of an inch or a 16th of an inch to fill the gap to make that connection, but if your devise had seemed DOA, this may solve the issue.

Be careful using this process. I have had the serrated steak knife slip and poke my hand. It hurt a bit, so use this advice with care. You can always contact me to help you or see a demonstration. I do use this process frequently when switching my GS 360 clearomizer between the Lava Tube and the Leo to eGo adapter. There is just a fraction of a difference, but it really works.

The CE4 v3 is a little bit different situation. The following is a quick fix in case of a possible DOA: After disassembling the CE4 v3 (See CE section of the eCig Mechanics pages), ensure the coil head is removed and place the large end of the base upright on a table. Next, locate a slender sized retractable ballpoint pen. With the ink cartridge retracted, place the retracted tip of the pen into the center hole by entering from the top of the CE4 v3 base (the bottom of the base is the largest area of the base and should directly on the table at this time). Gently, but firmly (emphasis on firmly) push the center post to force it to move. It may take a couple of tries, but it will move enough to make contact with the battery. Lastly, put your CE4 v3 back together and attach it to your compatible battery. Depending on how much the post moved you may need to force the connection by applying more pressure than you normally would. Make sure the coil has enough eLiquid on it to fire without burning. This may solve the issue. I have had success and no success with this method, but I feel it doesn't hurt to try.

Batteries: Require the least amount of maintenance effort. Do not over charge your batteries, as this will cause quick battery failure; however, PT (Pass-Through) batteries are designed to allow for long recharge periods. As expressed previously, battery threads accumulate residual buildup with use. Simply use a tissue, or preferred tool (like Q-Tips) to wipe and clean the buildup from the threads. Alternatively you can dip the Q-Tip in rubbng alcohol to clean the threads a bit more thoroughly. Avoid using rubbing alcohol on the rubber gasket or o-ring area's because it will cause the rubber to dry out, become brittle and fall apart.

E Cig Tube Mods need to have a good polish every now and again. Black Chrome and other finger print magnet types of finish will require more frequent care. Regardless of the type, always remember to wipe off any type of spillage with a soft cloth to achieve the longest lifetime for a finish.

Part and eLiquid Replacement: Be prepared for part replacement. Minimum recommendations include an additional atomizing device and one extra battery. It's always good to have extra on hand.

A critical part to switching from analogs (regular cigs) to electronic cigarettes is eliquid. If your plan is to switch from a traditional cigarette habit, I encourage you to include a bottle for refilling cartridges or filling any other atomizing device requiring eliquid. As for flavors and nicotine level, I encourage you to find the type that works best for you, believe me; it is so much easier to use electronic cigarettes when it satisfies you.

Please remember to include shipping time when calculating for your vaping needs.

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