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eCig Mechanics
Welcome to the world of electronic cigarette devices!


The following article is written to provide you with knowledge about the electronic cigarette and give purpose to the amazing products you find throughout this site. Component accessories and parts have been added to this article to offer the advancements in electronic cigarette technology that have been made throughout the last couple of years. These additions are noted with asterisks. The image below is used as an example for general explanation as most electronic cigarettes are structurally similar.

510 Model
Mouthpiece 510 Model  E Cigarette LED   
                           Atomizer                   Battery  
  1. Mouthpiece (Tip)
    Tips are the part you draw on.  As stock components with every starter kit, each tip is shipped attached with a cartridge, except those shipped with atomizers for protection during shipping.
  2. * Drip Tips:
    Drip tips are optional mouthpieces on this site, offering a stylist, more efficient way to vape. These slide into the atomizer or cartomizer to add personality and can make a fashion statement. The shape provides a comfortable feel while the larger opening allows more airflow to provide a stronger draw.
  3. Cartridges:
    Cartridges deliver the eliquid to standard atomizers. They are small chambers typically filled with batten material often prefilled with e-liquid. Cartridges are shipped with tips attached. Prefilled cartridges have foil sealed ends which tear open when inserted into the atomizer, delivering the eliquid into the atomizer. Other types have a small rubber cap requiring removal before inserting into the atomizer. When the e-liquid from the cartridge makes contact with the atomizer bridge, the bridge wicks the e-liquid from the cartridge chamber. Cartridge fluid capacity varies from model to model.
    • Since the batting material found inside the cartridge chamber depletes e-liquid with use, be sure to to replenish with eliquid or replace with a fresh cartridge when vapor production reduces or flavor diminishes. Also see eCig Maintenance
  4. Standard Atomizer:
    The simple brilliance of atomizer technology is demonstrated through vapor production. Encompassed within a cylindrical structure is the visible braided metal “bridge”, ceramic cup, and hidden coil wires. When the braided bridge makes contact with the e-liquid, it absorbs, then disperses when activated by the battery component.
    • To assemble your electronic cigarette, attach your charged battery to the threaded end of the atomizer, then insert the foil end of the cartridge into the open end of the atomizer.
    • Atomizers are shipped with a mouthpiece that has no cartridge attached. This protects the interior of the atomizer from damage. Since the shipping mouthpiece has no cartridge, you will detach and dispose as necessary; then, attach a fresh mouthpiece with cartridge that comes with your new kit or order.
  5. *Tank Atomizer System:
    510 Tank System A new arrival in 2011, the tank system works as an alternative to the atomizer, but without the use of filler material inside the cartridge. The image to the right, displays a tank type atomizer attached to the tank type cartridge. The design of the tank atomizer replaces the bridge with a needle type of wicking system, while the tank cartridge replaces the cartridge and mouthpiece. Producing nice vapor, this particular tank system (see image) is compatible with 510, and eGo/510 type batteries.
    • The clear plastic tank cartridge allows a view to the level of eLiquid, providing an easy way to gage refill time. These chambers usually hold about 1ml of eLiquid.

      Functional tank cartridges arrive separately from the tank atomizers and are usually individually packaged. The tank atomizers are shipped with a dummy cartridge or mouthpiece. The initial fill of the tank cartridge requires eLiquid to be injected into it. You have a few strategies to choose from. For best performance and longevity, use a needle bottle or syringe for filling and refilling with eLiquid. Technically, the safest and easiest way to fill is with a syringe or needle bottle method. That way you will not need to remove the end cap and most likely prevent leak issues. If you do not have a needle bottle or syringe, remove the end cap gently by using a toothpick, or similar non damaging object. Fill the cartridge with enough eliquid so as not to allow overflow when reattaching the tank cartridge end cap. Reattach you end cap if necessary, then insert the end cap end of the tank cartridge into your tank atomizer. The tank atomizer will pierce the tank cartridge end cap to enable wicking action. With your battery attached to tank atomizer, and the tank cartridge attached to the tank atomizer, engage your battery to begin vaping. Use nice long draws, first into the mouth, then deeper, to achieve a most favorable vaping experience.

      When you see your tank cartridge is close to empty or notice a distinct diminish in vaper production, pull the tank cartridge from the tank atomize. Refill with eLiquid using the most suitable method. It's that easy!

  6. *Dual Coil Tank Systems (DCTS or DCCT):Dual Coil Tank System
    Offering impressive vapor production and performance, the dual coil tank system uses a special dual coil cartomizer designed with a hole in the side of the cylinder wall for eliquid flow and flange to attach onto the tank component of the system. The tank is the housing for a tank dual coil cartomizer (tdcc). The diameter of the 3ml tank is 14 mm; the diameter of 6ml tank is 18mm.

    The initial fill requires that you slide the tank dual coil cartomizer (tdcc) through the tank by pushing gently on the drip tip. Once you can view the top of the tank dual coil cartomizer below the tank top end cap, remove the drip tip. You will see the flange end of the tdcc extending approximately 15mm from the bottom of the tank.

    The next step required a little finesse and patience: Hold the flange end of the tdcc with your thumb and forefinger. Push the tdcc so it tilts to the side of the tank. This will provide enough room for you to fill the tank about 3/4 of the way from the top with your favorite eliquid. Gently reposition the tdcc to push it back up through the top end cap of the tank. You should be able the see the top of the tdcc slightly past the top of the tank.

    Reattach the drip tip to the top of the tdcc.

    At this time, you will need to prime the tank dual coil cartomizer (tdcc). The objective is to insure the coil of the tdcc is wet. In order to do this, block the contact thread airflow hole of the tdcc with your finger. Draw several times, hard and strong, forcing the eliquid from the tank into the tdcc. Most of the eliquid from the initial tank fill will be absorbed through the tiny hole in the side of the tdcc. You will notice bubbles forming in the tank as the eliquid is being forced through the hole and into the tdcc. The cartomizer material will continue to absorb the eliquid through the hole for continuous eliquid flow during use when the tank when the tank is filled.

    Now, repeat the steps taken to fill the tank component.

    You may want to top off the top of the tdcc, careful to avoid the center tube.

    Finally, secure your drip tip to the top of the tank dual coil cartomizer, wait 3-5 minutes for the eLiquid to ensure the coil of the cartomizer is good and wet; then, fasten the tank to your favorite battery. You are now ready to vape with your Dual Coil Tank System.

    Important: If your tank does not have guides in the bottom end cap (only the yellow ones) , your tank will spin when you attempt to detach it from your battery. To solve this spin issue, you can slide the tank, carefully lifting it with the end cap, up just high enough to grasp the cartomizer cylinder for removal from the battery.

    Additionally, the bottom end cap of the tank may have guides to prevent the tank from spinning during the detachment from the battery. The tank dual coil cartomizer flange needs to be aligned to these guides and fit flush with the bottom end cap surface in order to create a leak free seal. The easiest way I have found to align these grooves is to attach the tank system to the battery, then hold the tank stationary and gently twist the battery to align the grooves into place.

    Words of Caution: The tank cylinder is not secured to the bottom end cap. The o-rings on the end caps are the only seals preventing the tank from leaking or moving. Do not to pull or slide the tank cylinder apart from the bottom end cap. If you pull strong enough, it will pull away from the bottom end cap spilling all eliquid from the tank. You do not want this to happen. Only remove the tank from the tank dual coil cartomizer for replacement or refilling. It is not recommended to carry in your pocket or leaving it loose in your purse.

    I began using the dual coil tank system on a constant basis. I love the power of the tank dual coil cartomizers with the convenience of the tank system - fantastic for going for longer periods between refills. I also found that the actual grooves of the tank itself eventually ware down, requiring the tank to be replaced. My first tdcc lasted a little over a week. I'm happy with the performance and will continue to use these on a regular basis. Go to Product

    Happy Vaping!

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