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eCig Mechanics

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  1. *Cartomizers:
    CartomizerCartomizers replace the atomizer and cartridge system by combining the atomizer and cartridge, turning your three part electronic cigarette into two. Disposable and easily refillable, cartomizers deliver a pleasing performance.
    E Cigarette Impressions currently carries standard resistance cartomizers. The 510 45mm, likewise the 510/ eGo 50mm SR cartomizers work effectively with 510 and eGo batteries. Go to Cartomizers
    Similar to the dual coil cartomizers, filling instruction details follow:
  2. *Dual Coil Cartomizers:
    Also a combination of the atomizer and cartridge system united into one, this powerful device provides excellent e-liquid flavor, throat hit, and nice vapor production.
    • Dual Coil CartomizerThe initial fill up requires a saturation of the filler material that is wrapped about an air tube inside the cylinder wall. The air tube has wire coil wrapped around it causing the e-liquid to warm and create the vapor. Remove the mouthpiece to view the inside of the cylinder. Tilt the cartomizer to fill with eliquid, allowing the eliquid to flow down the side the interior cylinder wall. . Rotate the cartomizer to distribute the e-liquid around the air tube.
    • Do not allow eliquid to flow into the center tube as this will stop the natural flow of air required for use. The initial fill requires approximately 30 drops of e-liquid for this 1.5 ml cartomizer...
    • Rule of thumb: 1ml = about 20 drops of eliquid
    • Cartomizers can be refilled several times or simply add e-liquid as often as needed to maintain consistent cotton saturation. Slowly fill and refill only so you can see the top of the cotton become saturated. If e-liquid gets inside the tube, take a piece of tissue and blow out the excess. After filling it, let it stand for a little while (about ten minutes minimum) before you begin vaping because this will assist with the saturation process and enhance your flavor choice. To extend cartomizer longevity, maintain moist filler material, but do not puddle the eliquid when topping off.
    • Dual Coil Cartomizers work on batteries with a 400 mAh value or higher.
    • If you have done all of the above, you should have an awesome vape, but in the event you experience an funky taste... and I am providing this information only from my experience... I put a few more drops (around 4-5) and let it sit a little longer to absorb the eliquid even more. What is advised is that you throw it away. Ultimately, it's up to you and what you are comfortable with.
    • One last comment: It is normal for them a snap and pop. Go to Dual Coil Cartomizers
  3. *Clearomizers:
    Clearomizers, sometimes affectionately referred to as clearo or clearos plural, are another form of atomization that combines the atomizer and eliquid delivery into one tube.

    The GS 360 holds about 2ml of eLiquid and is a stock component of the GS eGo B (what I call the eGo Exotica 1100). This has become one of my favored atomizations, strictly based on performance, flavor strength, and ease of use. I currently use this with a Leo battery with the help of a Leo to eGo Adapter to make the connection. I then slide an eGo Clearomizer Cover Cone over the GS 360 clearomizer, connecting it to the threads of the Leo to eGo Adapter. There is no gap between the Leo battery and Clearomizer Cover Cone, serving its purpose to hide a majority of the clearomizer tube and creating a much more streamlined and finished mod. This same set up works very well with the Hanosen Lava Tube 2.0 as well; however, without the use of the any adapter.

    How to Use: GS 360 clearomizers have 510 connection threads, so you will need to attach the GS 360 clearomizer onto a compatible battery or adapter connection. These are compatible with most 510 threaded batteries and adapters, and have yet to find one that it won't connect with. If you have a 510 threaded battery it won't work with, please let me know so I can become more informed and pass that information on. Usually, the connection issue can be remedied with a slight post adjustment (See Maintenance & Tips).The next section explains how to fill and use the GS 360 clearomizer with eLiquid - no batting material... ahh wonderful! Prepare for excellence!

    The first step is to remove the mouthpiece (tip) by pulling it out from the clearomizer tube and set it aside for easy retrieval. Upon removal, inside the clearomizer tube, you will notice two cutouts within the silicone stopper. One has a larger opening for filling; the other, a tiny pin-size opening to help with airflow. Both look the same, but when you go to fill it with eLiquid, you will be able to feel a slight resistance to the penetration in the smaller of the two.

    The second step is to use a needle bottle or syringe to fill the clearomizer with eLiquid. Make sure there is eLiquid in your bottle or syringe, then place the tip of the needle inside the largest of the two cut-outs. Fill the cutout using the side with the least penetration resistance. The will help to help prevent leaking. (Do not fill the center hole. Avoid this because it is strictly for air flow, and you will find eLiquid flowing all the through the clearomizer and running out the end.) Squeeze the bottle or plunge the syringe with eLiquid, filling the tube to where the wicks enter the coil area (it is the widest white part on the silver cylinder inside the transparent tube).You may have noticed the wicks and wires hanging down the side of the center tube. After filling the tube, they become nearly invisible.

    The final step is to wait a few moments for the eLiquid to wick into the coil area. When you feel enough time has passed, go ahead and enjoy a nice long puff of your favored eLiquid. I think you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by the power and flavor that this little thing produces! I know I was. (I am smiling). Go to Clearomizers

    *CE4 Types:
    Of the clearomizer family, in my opinion, CE4 and higher versions have one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs and is well known for its filling simplicity. Like the clearomizers above, it is a one piece unit attaching to a battery or adapter with compatible threading. One advantage is the fact that you will be able to fill it without the use of any needle method; however, the needle bottles are a huge convenient for easy filling and mixing.

  4. As usual, you must remove the mouthpiece (tip; drip-tip; whatever you want to call it); however, in this instance, you will twist it off because these are threaded for fit. After removing the tip, you will see a transparent o-ring just below the mouthpiece threading. The o-ring helps prevent leakage, so be careful not to remove or misplace it. After removing the tip, it is ready to be filled with eLiquid.

    To add eLiquid, you will tilt the unit slightly to avoid eLiquid from entering the center post hole. You can go ahead and fill it to the top fill calibration mark. This is usually 1.6; in some instances 1.8. These calibration marks represent units of measure in milliliters (ml). Next, reattach the tip and wait for the wicking action to occur. You are now ready to vape. Personally, I don't get the bold flavors from the eLiquids as I do with the clearomizers, but the vapor, throat hit, filling simplicity, and design make it extremely appealing.

    In deeper detail, the following information will help explain how to disassemble and reassemble the CE4+, CE4 V3, and other similarly designed CE's for head coil and part replacement. This information can also be used to help with maintaining this type of CE unit i.e. for cleaning purposes. If you are going to clean your unit, go grab a paper towel and go to the sink or fill a bowl with water (I have read that distilled water is recommended) so you can do this in front of your computer. Please be careful not to spill water on your electronics.

    First Step: At this point you already understand how to remove the tip, so go ahead and do that.

    The next step of disassembly is to remove as much eLiquid from the tank as you possibly can. The can be done by pouring it into another container, or by using a syringe. I prefer the syringe method because it retrieves and contains most of the eLiquid from the base of the unit and isn't quite so messy during the third step. Be sure to have a paper towel folded for thickness and absorbency. The paper towel is where you will be placing the next two components of the unit. These components will, no doubt, have some eLiquid clinging to them, especially on the wicks of the coil head.

    The third step is to remove the base of the unit from the tank. To accomplish this, hold the base of the unit at the rough section below the smooth silver ring. Some of you may need the use of pliers. Gently, yet firmly rotate the tank in a counter-clockwise direction. This step may take a little bit of effort because o-rings are placed there to prevent eLiquids from leaking. They can be what I would describe as somewhat tight. If you are having difficulty, the pliers will help to loosen it. Continue rotating the tank from the base until it separates, then pull the base out and place it on the paper towel. At this point, you may need another paper towel or tissue to wipe eLiquid from your fingers.

    After finishing the third step, you are probably trying to either replace or clean your coil head. In the case of replacement, simply unscrew the coil head and replace it with a new one. In the case of cleaning; see remove the rubber cover by lifting it from the top of the coil head. You can gently swish the coil head components in warm to hot water, cleansing it to your satisfaction. After swishing, several times, allow the coil head component to dry - this may take a few hours. It is recommended to allow it to dry completely because excess water will dilute the flavor and strength of your eLiquid. Some people use what seasoned vapors describe as a dry burn to burn off excess eLiquid crud and coil residue. To recommend this makes me a bit nervous, so at this point, I have written a basic understanding of this process. Please click on the following link to view this instruction: See Maintenance

    Okay, onward and upward. You now have successfully disassembled your CE unit. Take this time to thoroughly clean the parts to you satisfaction and dry them thoroughly. Now you are ready for reassembly.

    Final Step: Reassembly is as easy as screwing the components you just disassembled back together. Do not forget to place the rubber cap back onto the coil head. Now the unit is ready for refill or storage. If you are ready to vape, fill the tank with you favored eLiquid and wait a minute or so for the wicking action to occur. Here's to Happy Vaping!! Congratulations!

    -Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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