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eCig Mechanics


  1. Battery:
    Lithium Ion batteries are power sources for electronic cigarette functionality. Differences between batteries include voltage (V) and milliamps per hour (mAh or mah) values. The higher the V value, the higher the power; the higher the mAh value, the longer the charge lasts. Battery life varies; however, the rule of thumb is approximately 200 - 300 recycles. Be sure to fully charge your batteries before your first use unless it is the new Leo battery; also, do not overcharge as this will reduce battery longevity.
    Several types of batteries provide power:
    • 26650, 18650's and 18350's: These are loose lithium rechargeable batteries designed to be used with an Mod type body styles such as the Clouper Mini, Mech Mods, Lava Tubes, and Vamo's.
    • Automatic: Activated by airflow as you draw from the mouthpiece, automatic type batteries appear the most natural simulation to a traditional cigarette. The battery casing houses a microchip programmed with a specified cut off time, usually 4-7 seconds. The intention is to extend atomizer life span and reduce likelihood of nicotine overuse. Our experience indicates the time is adequate enough for a nice puff and throat hit.
    • Manual: Manual batteries activate by pressing the button located on the battery casing, providing fingertip battery control, often programmed with a specified 5 - 7 second power cut off. Use this process as you draw on your electronic cigarette device.  Although not recommended, the cut off time can be easily circumvented by releasing the button prior to cut off and re-
      applying the button.
    • USB Pass-Through (PT): If you find yourself in front of a computer, a USB pass-through can be a vapor’s best friend. Employing USB technology, pass-thru batteries provide a continuous power source equal to a fully charged battery.
    • Disposable: Not intended for long-term reuse; however, may include a power charger for a recharging.
  2. eLiquid:  eLiquid is a liquid mixture of water, vegetable glycerin (VG) , and/or propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, and optional nicotine levels. A key component to your vaping experience, E Cigarette Impressions offers 30ml and some 50ml bottles ranging from 0 mg – 24 mg nicotine levels with a vg base or 70/30 mix of PG/VG. The Hangsen Brand has been recently added. Nicotine levels are as indicated within the product pages. E Cigarette Impressions eLiquid supply is currently imported; however, we hope to include domestic brands. Make your demands known. I am listening to the feedback and will provide your favorite choices as soon as I possibly can. Additional tobacco flavors are in the works. Effective and delicious flavors may be found at this link: eLiquids

    A list of primary ingredients for the E Cigarette Impressions label eLiquids are "upwards material and are in the medicine class or edible class." The list is as follows::
    1. Vanilla Extract:12%
    2. Linalool:12%
    3. 2,3,5-trimethylpyrazine 0.3%
    4. Menthol 1%
    5. L-Malic acid 0.8%
    6. Beta-Damascenone 0.2%
    7. Acetylpyrazine0.5%
    8. Tabanone 0.3%
    9. Vanilla 1.5%
    10. Ethyl acetate 0.5%
    11. Ethyl malto 0.5%
    12. 1,2-propylene glycol70.4%

When all components are assembled, draw on the mouthpiece with an activated battery, warming and transforming the e-liquid into a mist of vapor. If you are using a manual battery, continue pressing the button throughout the drawing process. A long smooth draw technique seems the most effective. The vapor production is an illusion of “smoke” but results in the elimination of second-hand smoke!

A few ways to extend the enjoyment of your vaping experience:

  • Prefilled Cartridges: Used with an atomizer, new cartridges offer a fresh flavor experience every time you attach one. Prefilled cartridges are refillable to top off or reuse. When changing e-liquid flavors, recommendations are to use a new atomizer or a freshly cleaned atomizer, otherwise flavors tend to mix.
  • Blank Cartridges: Empty cartridges can be filled and refilled with your favorite e-liquid, providing less waste; saving you money. Longevity corresponds with the degradation of the batting material.
  • Direct Dripping: Dripping is a popular method of vaping. By dripping two or three drops of e-liquid directly onto a bridged atomizer, you can achieve a stronger throat hit to better emulate expectations. Some atomizer bridges are deeply seated within the atomizer cylinder so it may be easier to use a dropper or a syringe, allowing better control over where the e-liquid lands. After dripping, attach a mouthpiece with or without cartridge and batting, or a drip tip.  You are then ready to vape. Depending on use, a couple of drops can last for several powerful draws. If you are experiencing reduced vaper performance, change in taste, or a tickle in your throat, be sure to add a couple more drops, being careful not to burn out your atomizer. With a little practice it will quickly become second nature with pleasing results.

This concludes the E-Cig Mechanics section. Please visit the FAQ page for further information. You may find answers to something not covered here. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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