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Kanger T2 ~ Totally Amazing

T2 Availability: Store Location
Coils Availability: Online & Store Location

Kangertech T2 Clearomizer

  2..4 ml Capactiy  
  Long Wicks  
  Coil Head is Replaceable  
  Length: 73mm x Diameter: 15mm  
  eGo Thread Capable  
» 1.8 ohm
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
4 in Stock
Out of Stock
1 Left

Kangertech T2 Coil Heads

  Kanger T2 Coil Heads ~ Awesome Quality! Long Wicks!  
Kanger T2 Coil Heads !  
» Singles ~ $1.59
1.8 Ω ohm
2.2 Ω ohm
» Five Packs ~ $6.99
1.8 Ω ohm
2.2 Ω ohm
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Page Updated: 10/12/2015
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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T2 Singles:  
1 x T2 Clearomizer  
Each T2 Includes:  
1 x T2 Tank  
1 x 1.8 Ω ohm or 2.2 Ω ohm Coil Head as indicated  
1 x Mouthpiece  
* Coil Heads last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. In my experience, I find they will slowly reduce in vapor production and power and flavor as most all do eventually. Towards the end of the coil head life, I find myself bumping the voltage of my variable voltage battery up a bit to compensate. Since discovering how wonderful they are, I am using the T2's pretty much exclusively in my vape routine. After a few month's of use, I am still using the same tank, changing the coil heads as needed. Simple, efficient, and easy.
My experience - I titled this page "Kanger T2 ~ Totally Amazing" for a reason. These things are unbelieveable! If someone had told me these were as great as this, I wouldn't have believed them. In fact, I had a good acquaintance friend of mine send me one before I determined if they would be good enough for my customers. Geez, I still can't believe it - these things do not leak (at least up to this point). I can actually turn them upside down amd vape them upside down. Normally no gurgles. If they do gurgle, a quick blow out solved the issue and then no more gurgles for a very long time - days - and they vape clean and neat. The mouthpiece attached solidly time and time again. They are so easy to fill by simply removing the mouthpiece and filling down the inside wall of the T2 tank. The bottom does not disassemble, so there are no leaking issues in that area. No puddles of elquid are left in my battery connection area. I'm still wondering why it took me so long to even just try one... the absolute best I'm had thus far. This has been going on for well over a month with the same T2 cartomizer. I had to change the coil head once due to firing it at 6.0 volts, but that was my own mistake. Still, a fresh coil head always outperforms an old one, but they still perform incredibly well. If you have never tried one before, you are in for a wonderful experience! ~ Johna
Step by Step
The Kanger T2's are a tank system clearomizer arriving in individual blister packaging.
1) Remove the T2 from the package.
2) Examine - make sure all is as it should be
3) Choose your desired eliquid
4) Remove the moutpiece by unscrewing in a counterclockwise direction.
5) Tilt the tank to allow eliquid to flow down the side of the tank - avoid the center tube as it is an airway that needs to be clear for airflow.
6) Fill with your desired eliquid.
7) Ensure the coil head is snuggly tighened to the center tube as it should be.
8) Reattach the mouthpiece by screwing in a clockwise direction
9) Allow your eliquid to wick up to the coils (under the silicone cap area). This may take a minute of so; however, you can dry hit it and/or roll it between your hands to help speed up the process.
10) Attach it to your battery if you haven't already done so.
11) Get ready for a fabulous hit from your new Kangertech T2 clearomizer!
12) You know what to do next - Engage and Enjoy!!
After Market Color Tips

T2 Colorful Replacement Drip Tips

  Material: Aluminum Colorful T2 Drip Tips
  Hot Pink  
You already know just how fabulous the
Kanger T2 Clearomizers are...
Why not add powerful colors to compliment
your personality and style!
In addition to the wide color selection, these
have more threads creating an easy attach and seal to the T2 tank.
The aluminum build is resistant to breakage.
  Dusty Rose  
After Market T2 to 510 Tip Adapters
T2 to 510 Tip Adapters  

T2 to 510 Tip Adapters

  Material: Aluminum
These provide a way for you to use your
favorite 510 Drip Tips with your
Fabulous T2 Clearomizers.
Additionally, they are lightweight so you
can enjoy ease of use along with added
color coordination.
Eleven Choices of Color!
  Hot Pink  
  Dusty Rose  

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