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Kanger T3S

Availability: Store Location
Coil Availability: Online & Store Location
Discontinued; however, MT3S/T3S Coils will continue.
Kangertech T3S
Bottom Coil Changeable (BCC) Clearomizers


  Brand: KangerTech
  Material: Highly Durable Plastic
  Connection Type: eGo Threading
  Stock Resistance: 2.2 Ω ohms
  Tank Capacity: 3.0ml
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Page Updated: 08/18/2014
Let me know if you'd like to see these back in stock ...
We look forward to hearing from you!
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T3S Singles:  
1 x T3S ~ Blister Pack  
Each Includes:  
1 x T3S Tank  
1 x 2.2 Ω ohms Replaceable Coil Head  
1 x Base  
T3S Initial Fill
Easy to fill T3S's are basically the same as a MT3S's; however, the T3S tanks offer transparency, no matter the color, and calibration marks to gage eLiquid levels. KangerTech's bottom coil clearomizer system allows gravity to enhance the wicking process. It is truly an amazing difference!
Step 1: Remove your T3S from the blister pack.
Step 2: Separate the base from the T3S tank by loosening the base, turning it counterclockwise until completely separated.
Step 3: With the tank separated, turn the tank unside down.
Step 4: Fill the tank with eLiquid. The easiest way to do this is by tilting it slightly then fill with your eLiquid bottle, needle bottle, or syringe. Allow the eLiquid to flow down the side of the interior tank wall until you can see the eLiquid level has reached just below the bottom of the airflow tube through the viewing windows. Do not allow eLiquid to enter the airflow tube as eLiquid will flow all the way through and out the mouthpiece end.
Step 5: Reattach the base with the coil head already attached by inserting the tube of the coil head inside the airflow tube.
Step 6: Gently tighten the base to the T3S tank by turning it in clockwise direction.
*Step 7: Once your T3S is back together, attach to your eGo battery connection. Make sure you will be able to detach it from your battery easily, but still attached enough to still make the connection. Then, enjoy !*
Changing the Coil
You will know when your coil needs to be replaced because it will either be completely kaput or produce minimal vaper.
Step 1: Ensure the tank is in an upside down position so excess eLiquid will stay within the tank section. Use the same technique described in Step 2 above to remove the base from the tank.
Step 2: Once the tank is separated from the base, set the tank section aside (vape trays are very handy for stuff like this). Grasp the coil cylinder, preferably with a tissue, and turn it counterclockwise until it is separated from the base.
Step 3: Attach a new coil by turning it clockwise into the base, where the original had been previously, until it is securely fastened. Make sure it is attached correctly so it will work as intended.
*Step 4: Attach your T3S to your eGo battery connection and enjoy (same as Step 7, above).
You may want to ensure your wicks are wet by allowing it to sit for a minute or so. Others prefer dry hitting the T3S three or four times before attaching it to their battery. This technique will assist with eLiquid flow.
If ever you need assistance, please give me a call or email.

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